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Breaking Health News | Metformin and Nitrosamines!

Some countries are recalling the popular diabetes drug metformin. That's because of concerns about metformin and nitrosamines. Nitrosamines are nasty!

Substitute Pain Relievers Appear in Suicide Attempts

Pharmacists Are Worried About Foreign Drug Problems

Losartan and Suicide: Is This a Real Side Effect?

Could Old Drug Offer New Hope for Problem Drinking?

Horse Pills Make Her Gag: How to Swallow Big Pills

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The BP Drug Lisinopril Initiates Intestinal Blockage

ACE inhibitors are first-line drugs for hypertension. The BP drug lisinopril is dispensed over 100 million times annually. Angioedema is a bad side effect!

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Cognitive Dysfunction

Will Statins Wreak Havoc With Your Memory?

Sometimes people fear that statins wreak havoc with cognitive function. A recent Australian study found no evidence of this effect.

Advil PM sleeping pills
Drug Side Effects

Can PM Sleeping Pills Cause Memory Problems?

Millions of people take PM sleeping pills. These are promoted as nighttime pain relievers. How does the antihistamine diphenhydramine impact the brain?

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Supplements to Help Ease Diabetic Neuropathy

Certain supplements such as benfotiamine and alpha lipoic acid may help ease diabetic neuropathy. They do not have the same side effects as approved drugs.

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Drug Side Effects

Who Benefits by Taking Repatha for High Cholesterol?

A reader wonders whether the benefits of Repatha for high cholesterol outweigh the risks. This is a decision that should be made on an individual basis.

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Acid Stomach (heartburn)

What Are the Risks of PPIs for Children?

A new study suggests that there may be some unexpected risks of PPIs for young children. They have more infections when they take acid-suppressing drugs.

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Drug Side Effects

Why Buy Brand Name Drugs from Canada?

Many people worry about generic drug quality. An FDA executive raised concerns about foreign manufacturing. Can you really buy brand name drugs from Canada?

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Drug Side Effects

Are You Taking an Off Label Med for an Unapproved Use?

Doctors routinely prescribe drugs for uses the FDA hasn't approved, but they don't always reveal that. If you're on an off label med, do your own research!

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Blood Clots

Is Aspirin Cost-Effective Blood Clot Prevention?

Some clinical trials have found that aspirin is just as good as expensive anticoagulants for post-surgical blood clot prevention. And much cheaper!

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A Completely New and Unexpected Statin Side Effect

A surprising statin side effect has just been reported. How is it possible that after more than three decades we are still discovering statin side effects?

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Drug Side Effects

Will Potatoes Slow Your Recovery from Surgery?

Eggplants, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes all can block acetylcholinesterase. This might slow recovery from surgery in which muscle relaxants are used.

Recall Stamp for FDA

The Zantac – Ranitidine Weirdness Just Got Stranger

What are we to make of FDA flip flop flips on ranitidine/Zantac? For many people the ranitidine weirdness is too much to take. But there are alternatives.