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Nutritional Support for Burning Mouth Syndrome

From the mouth of a man a fire erupts. Hot BMS

Q. Four months ago I woke up with the tip of my tongue burning. My doctor prescribed antifungal drugs, first Diflucan and then Mycelex, which provided no relief.

Now the roof of my mouth is also burning. Do you what causes this or what can be done about it? I have had zero success with prescribed medications.

A. You may want to ask your doctor if you could have “burning mouth syndrome” (BMS). Although this condition is mysterious (no cause or cure have been identified), researchers have noted that it is associated with lower levels of magnesium (Journal of Oral Pathology & Medicine, March, 2009) and vitamin B12 (European Journal of Medical Research, Sept. 28, 2001). Acid-suppressing drugs have been linked to lower levels of vitamin B12 and BMS.

Ask your physician to measure both magnesium and vitamin B12 to see whether your levels are low. If so, perhaps dietary supplements might ease your symptoms.

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I had bronchitis about 3 years ago and went to 4 ear, nose, and throat doctors to try to clear up my cough. They all prescribed different inhalers, but none of them worked. After 2 more months my cough cleared up on its own. But I noticed I lost taste for my foods or drinks, and my mouth was on fire, and till today it still is. I’m thinking it was the inhalers that caused this. As a matter of fact I’m damn sure it was the inhalers. I’m going on 4 years now and still don’t know any doctors who can help. All they keep saying is there’s no cure. Can anybody out there relate?

I had my teeth cleaned by a tep: who stabbed every part af my gums frount and back and was very rough with cleaning- masses of blood! Thought the burning pain was because of the clean but now 2 years later even worse pain ! It affects me more at night when I lie down so I spend so many nights wandering around and crying!
Dr has gave me sleeping pills but they are turning me into zombie!
I’ve been so many places to sort it out but they just say BMS so I’m trying to sort it out for myself!

I have had BMS for 9 years and have gone from Doctors from A to Z. I have found Clonazepam has really helped and also Pamelor,

I get burning mouth when I’m around computers, wifi, cell phones… I have electric sensitivity. I don’t have burning mouth in the night because Im not around electric things in the night.

My burning tongue issues started when my father became ill. As soon as I took anti -depressants 2 years after his death, the burning went. I believe in my case, it is related to anxiety. I am off the anti-depressants now and rarely get it. I have been managing my stress/anxiety/depression with meditation and good exercise. Sweet things do aggravate it but only occasionally which makes me think it depends on my mood. Also I relate sugar with bad health so psychologically this may be a trigger (all relating to my fathers illness). The nervous system is complex and still mysterious. Some things we have to deal with in life can fray our systems and even though we think we are ok, inside the body is worn. Try meditating everyday for 20 mins and learn to deep breath everyday. Make this a priority in your life. Plenty of techniques on line. It may take a while but if it’s kept up it will help. I would try and avoid SSRI’s if possible. Hope this helps someone.

My burning mouth started after I had a crown that had palladium in it. However, a person can be allergic to other metals used in crowns. Got the crown taken off and it went away. Had to get a root canal because of trauma to the tooth. It is not doing very well. Then the dentist and I talked about what to use in the new crown. He said 1 to 2% palladium with the rest gold probably wouldn’t bother me. When I went to place crown, he said the lab had another formula gold, silver, and only 1% palladium. The burning mouth started up that very night. I have now gone to allergist and have metal testing done. I don’t know how to tell my dentist as he has washed his hands of me. I get the results tomorrow. I know the crown must come off and then more pain in the rc. I’ll probably have to have another dentist do it because I have a feeling he will not believe me.

I have burning mouth of my emf (electrical sensitivity). My mouth is burning more close to wifi, cellphones, computers etc! I got chemical sensitivity in 2007, and emf in 2013. My mouth started to burn 2 months ago close to the computer. It is better in the night when I turn of the electrisitivity in the house. Jeanette Norway.

I have had burning gums and a tongue for 5 months now.. started with oral thrush and still not sure if this is gone completely.. but the burning in my gums.. oh my.. it’s so bad.. and depressing.. and days I have no idea what to do. The only relief I get is if I have really minty gum in my mouth.. so I am thinking dry mouth as well. Dr and Dentist totally useless.. saw an ENT and he is puzzled.

I’ve had BMS for nearly two years now and can only add to everyone else’s comments that this is a living hell that no one else can even begin to understand. I’ve seen various doctors and consultants to no avail and am usually treated like some kind of idiot who is making things up. Anyway, being the kind of person who refuses to give up (and fortunately can afford the supplements) and truly believes that there is a cause (even though the conventional doctors don’t know what that is yet), and didn’t want to become an alcoholic since alcohol was the only pain relief I could find).

I would advise anyone with BMS to read up as much as they can about “Leaky Gut Syndrome” and “Candida Overgrowth”. Also look at the list of symptoms potentially caused by these – do any of them sound familiar? I was suffering from a lot including: spasms in my lower legs; hyperacusis; intermittent tinnitus; digestive disorders (bloating, nausea); arthritis; dermatitis; intense itching on shins; pain in joints; palpitations and extra heartbeats; brain fog; dry eyes; interstitial cystitis). I am convinced these all relate to the gut (which starts at the lips and ends at the anus) and imbalances in the microbiome (something mainstream medicine is just starting to understand).

I believe that I am salicylate intolerant (possibly because of leaky gut) as I found that a lot of foods high in salicylates were making the burning worse (e.g. almonds, dates, avocado, wine, herbs, spices).

I have embarked on a dietary regime to heal leaky gut. (you also need to consider parasites if you wish to go down this route, and treat for these too). The diet is HARD. very hard. You have to give up gluten, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fruit (for the beginning at least) at the same time as supplementing with antifungals and antiparasitics and also taking gut-healing supplements, whilst also avoiding all painkillers (NSAIDS are linked to causing leaky gut) and antibiotics unless in dire emergencies (these are also linked to causing disruptions in the micro biome).

I have also been taking Alpha Lipoic Acid (since early on after BMS started) and did receive some relief.

After initially cutting down on high salicylate foods and then starting the strict dietary regime, to my amazement my dermatitis has almost disappeared, the cystitis is non-existent, my itchy shins itch no more, the painful leg spasms have gone. The BMS has improved but not gone. I have read that leaky gut can take years to heal but I consider it worth the trouble. Things can also get worse before they get better (what is known as a healing crisis, die-off, or Herxheimer reaction).

Read all you can on these subjects: leaky gut syndrome, candidiasis, salicylate intolerance, oxalate intolerance and see what seems to fit you and then pick your dietary and supplementary regime to fit (I looked for commonalities in all these sources along with what sounded relevant to me to come up with my dietary regime. I’ve read books by John Pagano, Alejandro Junger, Kathryn Marsden along with many internet sources. Some claim to cure you within weeks but other sources say it can be years (which initially sounds very depressing and you have to get your head around that fact).

Also of help – EXERCISE and get those endorphins flowing (this temporarily dulls the pain). I didn’t feel like exercising as I was that miserable but I pushed myself. MEDITATE: this helps to relax and refocus the mind away from the ever present thoughts of the pain – there are great guided mediations on youtube. RELAX THE MOUTH: I found the pain was making me suck in my cheeks and tighten my jaw – working on relaxing the tongue, jaw and mouth helped me (I had a gum guard made to stop me clenching at night – some doctors will try to dismiss that the clenching “caused” the BMS but I only started doing this after the BMS).

Hope this might help some of you. the journey will not be easy but hey, anything is better than this pain?! I think this needs looking at holistically and needs an attack from many angles. If any of you have access to holistic or functional medicine practitioners, maybe seek these out for help (we don’t seem to have many in the UK).

I diagnosed myself with BMS after reading about it on the internet. I had been suffering from depression and had also had extensive bridgework. For months I didn’t want to leave the house because of the pain. It became so bad I decided to try Advil which immediately eliminated the pain. I am also on the magic mouthwash which really is magic. I never ate very much but now I can eat less. Some days I live on ice cream. At least I am functioning better now. My B12 is also low and I have to go for shots. I can’t wear lipstick. Does anyone know what to do for that?

I am an extremely healthy person but for this 11 month nightmare with BMS. Like many of you I have tried everything just to rule out any auto immune diseases. I am just coming to believe that I may have to learn to live with this which is depressing.

My biggest challenges are talking and swallowing and my fear and disappointment is that no one has been able to help me. I never feel like going being in social situations which is hard for my husband.

A research biologist has helped me more than any doctor. We are working on getting toxins out of my body and keeping acids as low as possible. This syndrome seems to be caused by nerve damage and I have no idea how we heal nerves. I use very pure vitamins purchased online. Among the things I take is ester-C (sold at Costco) alpha lipoid acid (R-ALA), 7-keto DHEA, and 5-HTP which helps with bowels and sleep.

Foods to avoid are coffee, wine, soda, spicy food as well as citrus fruits.

I have worked hard to be healthy. My diet is good and I take no medications. I have also spent lots of out of pocket money trying things such as juice fasts and Chinese herbs. My only conclusion is that every person is different and we can’t get really depressed or we may stop trying things which may prove helpful to at least some of us.

If only doctors would understand how debilitating this syndrome is. I can’t begin to explain to them how much my life has changed as a result of BMS.

Has anyone here with BMS experienced Chronic Dismotility? I have had Burning Mouth Syndrome for 3 years now and just recently I have experienced intestinal dysmotility- I figure it is all happening in my intestinal tract and wondered if the two were related. Best wishes to all.


The tip of my tongue has burning for 2 weeks now and I have a strange feeling like some one is passing a cotton on the back of my tongue. I have started to take B12 complex and Magnesium to see if it will improve

My life is not the same anymore, I am really sad and depressive with bad ideas about this problem

My BTS started about 3 weeks ago after I had an attack of diverticulitis. The hospital gave me Cipro and an anti-bacterial called Flagil. Apparently the Cipro can cause nerve damage, and the Flagel can cause burning tongue. So I’m pretty much stuck. Diverticulitis is a chronic condition, and I am already on the second round of medicine for it. I’ve had all the blood work to check for vitamin deficiency and thyroid problems. Everything was supposedly normal. Haha. I did read that several studies showed success with alpha lipoic acid taking 200 mg 3 times daily so I’m going to try that.

Hi, Barbars

My husband has suffered from chronic and severe diverticulitis since his early 20s and was hospitalized several times because doctors could not diagnose it accurately in the old days. Conventional treatment has been ineffective. 10 years ago he self-medicated with 1 T slippery elm and 1 T psyllium husk taken in 500 ml of water first thing each morning. After about 6 weeks his condition started improving and has stabilized. After about a year he stopped taking it, and every morning has 2 T of freshly ground linseed (flax-seed in America) in a smoothie. His last colonoscopy greatly surprised his specialist who wanted to know what he had done, since his colon was looking healthy even with the diverticular damage. My husband believes that reducing gluten intake has also helped.
I hope this helps.

Hello – in all of the reading I’ve done, Alpha Lipoic Acid seems to be the “treatment” that is brought up the most. I was just wondering if you had started it yet and what kind of results you have had. Thanks.

Hi I have been dealing with this for 7 or 8 months I had a molar on my left upper side pulled in October Right after that I broke out with fever blisters inside my mouth. Which hurt so much I went to the regular doctor he put me on antibiotics and fever blister pills( I can’t think of what they are called right now). I got an implant put in where my molar was pulled and all of sudden my tongue started tingling on the side where my implant was put in. Then the tip of my tongue then the middle of my tongue
then my palate started burning I have gone to 7 Doctors for this including an Gastroligist I had an endoscopy done and they said I had Candida on my esophangus I was treated a few times with anti fungal medicine. Still no relief My mouth still burns. I have cut out Sugar,White flour, and Alcohol. I stated taking vitamins and exercising again thinking that maybe my immune system is low I still have BMS. I went to an Infectious disease doctor she did some test, now I’m waiting on the blood test I’m am seriously thinking about pulling my implant out of my mouth the dentist does not think this is the reason But this all started a couple of months after I got the implant put in. It’s very Frustrating. I hope I get relief again Does anyone have a similar situation? Tks

Hello Everyone, my name is Janet. I am from Birmingham, AL and I have just been diagnosed with BMS (Burning Mouth/Tongue Syndrome. I have had this for over 12 weeks now. It happened after having a tooth pulled which was terribly infected, so they placed me on real strong antibiotics before they would pull it, then from that I got Thrush in my mouth and took all types of anti-fungal medications. I took 2 or 3 rounds of Diflucan, 4 bottles of Magic Mouth Wash, 2 bottles of Ninatatin Mouth Washes, several other types of anti-fungal drugs, Lidacaine Mouth Rinse.

I can’t tell everything I have been through during all this illness until finally going to an ENT doctor who knew actactly what it was and both my and my husband’s mouth dropped. We just could hardly believe it and it was very upsetting especially too me. I have been reading a lot of the comments and stuff about it and what others have tried and say helps etc. However, can anyone tell me anything else about it and perhaps a diet to follow? I wish I’d never would have this, but I’m sure a lot of you wish that too. I am just weird I guess, cause I can have or catch the most complicated medical problems I’ve ever seen or heard of.

I also have a disorder called Adductor Spasmodic Dystonia, which took 15 years to find out what was wrong with my voice. I could not speech much above a whisper for 15 years. I went through doctor after doctor and medicine after medicine until one day I found ADSD on the web and found out about these specialist ENT Sugerons in Los Angeles, Calafornia who did a micro-scopic surgery called SLAD and at that time I’d had no voice for 3 months after taking Botox which I took Botox Shots in the throat for 2 years. So I figured after a lot of research on the surgery, I had nothing to loose. So off too Los Angeles, CA My husband and I flew out there for an eval appointment with these doctor’s. Dr. Blumin and Dr. Gerald Berke’s had designed themselves and had done over 200 surgeries with successful results, but only for the Adductor type of Spasmodic Dystonia. So in June of 2001 I had this surgery (a nine hour surgery) We flew back home and in 3 months my voice began coming back in a low tone and as the days passed my voice got stronger and stronger on the next weeks and one day I went through a drive thru at McDonald’s and expected a soft voice and them not to be able to understand me, but low and behold out came my strong voice. I came home happy as a lark, talking 60 to nothing and shocked my family when I began talking to them in my normal voice.

Praise God and thanks to Dr.’s Blumin and Berke’s I continued speaking and still am talking with a normal voice until this day. But there is a possibility that it could come back again, but so far so good. And I hope and pray it never rears itself again. Please pray for me and I’ll pray for anyone with BMS. My heart goes out too all of you who suffer with BMS. Does anyone out there know of anything that will help BMS or perhaps a diet I need to follow now. My prayer is for all of us to get relief and hopefully find a cure soon. Does it go into a remission like at anytime or does anyone know if it will ever go away. Any help or replies would be greatly appreciated. I’m so sick and tired of being in terrible pain and not being able to eat or do anything good anymore.

My Best of Wishes to you all and God Bless each and everyone of you who have this or any type of painful debiltating syndrome or disorder.

Regards, Janet

Similar problem from last 9 months.

I have had BMS for almost 3 years. I take Librium 10 mg 4 times a day and gabapentin 300 mg 3 times a day. It helps but not entirely. I still feel it every day but I have good days and not so good days. It does not make me cry anymore or want to kill myself. It’s usually worse when I am menstruating. I tried antifungals and antivirals. I think I am going to try ALA. Also, I have starting eating foods that are high in lysine and low in argininge (sp?) I see a crainial-sacral therapist. It is better than it was, but I am not giving up and finding more relief. My sister has it also. We are both in our forties. We try and keep each other positive. Believing that it is a temporary condition keeps me going.
My heart goes out to all of you! Maybe if we keep bugging our doctors the researchers will do some more studies and find out how to help us.

This sucks! I also had a tooth pulled right before this happened. I am freaking out trying to stay positive. I’ve only had this burning mouth of ten days. I am going to try as many suggestions as possible. I’m usally a very happy person but this has changed me very much at work but my kids keep me going. They are older–nineteen and twenty-two–so they notice the change in me. I am trying not to let it beat me. If I find something that works I’ll post it.

i think I may have this terrible syndrome as well! I have been experiencing the symptoms for approx 2 moths now. The burning tongue and also the roof of my mouth. I went to my Dr. Over a month ago and they thought maybe it was “Thrush”, so treated it with a “Magic Mouthwash”. It definitely wasn’t Thrush, I wish it was. So where to go from here? I am reading everyone’s comments and it is really depressing me thinking that there is no cure for this! How many people have tried B-Complex and Magnesium? I was researching it and thought I would try. I am in tears thinking that my mouth will always feel this way and now reading the comments here. God Bless You All and I Pray we can find relief quickly

My BMS started a year ago. I went to see several doctors and dentist. Mine started with a blocked salivary gland. I also had part of my jaw bone dissolve, from which I lost a healthy molar. After months of research I stumbled across BMS. I am not alone, I am not crazy. It does exist, and it does have a name.
Research says it can be brought on by stress and menopause. That would be me. Stress has been huge in my life for a few years now. And of course menopause started as well. The stress of BMS has added immense stress as I am sure every one on this site is well aware of. I started to experience heart fluttering. It felt like my heart was going to kick it’s way right out of my chest. I wore a heart monitor for 48 hours. I do have an extra beat now, but the fluttering has calmed down.
Food and beverages are a definite factor as to how bad my mouth feels. I have found that I have to avoid all carbonated beverages and fruit juices. I avoid all mint and cinnamon and acidic fruits. I started taking oil of oregano gel caps. I use toothpaste with no mint. At this moment my mouth is tolerable. My mouth is no longer full of sores, and I do not have a vast amount of fluid coming from my upper gums and the burning is greatly reduced. I suck on butterscotch candies to ease the dryness and I found a brand of gum that does not have acid listed on the ingredients.
I am a smoker, I am cutting down. I hope to quit completely in the next couple of months. I do know that smoking does irritate my mouth. I have given up so much now, but I will give them up as well if it will help. Right now I have to use a plastic tip on my smokes as my upper lip cannot tolerate the feel of paper. Now how odd is that?
I hope some of what I have tried will help you out.


I have had BMS for a few years now. I start out in the morning, not bad and it worsens by the end of the day. It is very frustrating to say the least.
I am also menopausal and that is where it came from, I am so hoping that when I get through the menopause this will subside. Like women dont have enough to deal with menopause.

Most people you tell about this havent heard of it and think you must be making this up. I hadn’t heard of it myself until one day I wake up with a burning tongue.

Hang in there people, what else can we do.

Hi, I’ve suffered with BMS for 4 years. Having tried everything imaginable, I have finally found some relief. Aloe Vera is used for burns. A naturopath suggested I try eating this. There is a lot on the Internet about it and even a study on BMS and aloe Vera. The plant must be the medicinal type. Taken 3 times a day – just trim the spikes off the leaves, remove all the green skin and eat the inside. Sounds crazy but I have had relief using this. I’ve been taking it for about a month now and it gets a little better each day. I’d be really interested in hearing from anyone willing to give it a try. Good luck.


I found chocolate was creating my BMS.

Hope this helps some of you.


Had this horrible bms for 2 months, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in cooled boiled water and mouthwash when mouth really burns takes the edge off. Liponic acid tablets 200mg 3 times a day. I am Waiting for allergy tests my doctor is clueless ! I’ve always be fit healthy man came on after stressed out with the baby being really ill, hope these tips help someone. Carent believe there isn’t a simple cure. Well things could be a lot worse. ?

My burning tongue started in late 2009. I tried everything, What helped me from summer 2013 was taking Rich’s MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) Max, 1200mg 3 times a day after food, Wholesale Nutrition’s C-Salts, 1/4 teaspoon (approximately 1000mg vitamin C) dissolved in a quantity of water to be drunk between meals and sunbathing in just trunks in the midday summer sun for, to begin with, very short periods of time (5 mins each side). Do not dissolve the MSM in water as it will quickly evaporate. I stopped noticing my burning tongue after 6-12 months. My skin and nails improved too.

An unexpected side effect was my vitamin B12 status rising to within the low end of the normal range after having been chronically low since 2009. Sulphur is needed for good skin and it has always been assumed we get enough in our diets. Maybe industrial farming methods has impacted on that. I took the view that the protocol I used improved my skin on the inside, which includes the tongue and digestive system.

NB When we expose our skin to the sun it actually makes vitamin D sulphate, and cholesterol sulphate which is needed by the heart (look up Dr Stephanie Seneff).

Just adding my thoughts to this conversation. I have had BMS for years, and was only diagnosed after many doctors visits. I’m not sure it came on after anything specific but I am post menopausal due to an opharectomy, meaning my hormones went suddenly out of whack. I have tried everything and at times I do get periods of relief. The best thing for me is distraction, chewing gum for instance plus wearing an Invisalign mouth shield. Somehow the discomfort of the aligners seems to take away the pain. I take 20mg of Endep at night which seems to help but not totally. I am off tomorrow to try Vitamin B12 and magnesium. I find acupuncture and kinesiology can sometime give soem relief too.

I’ve had BMS for a year. It started as a burned tongue sensation which progressed to a very dry mouth and a metallic taste. Particles of food stuck to my teeth after eating. Most foods were tasteless. One morning, I awoke with the tip of my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. I did a lot of internet research. I tried some remedies suggested by a youtube video. I changed toothpastes. I ended up with a nutritional regimen suggested by a nutritionist at OSU. I also saw my internist, an oral surgeon and my gynecologist. I was prescribed a very low dosage of HRT. Together, the vitamins, fish oil and HRT, work. I still have a touch on the tip of my tongue that feels numb as tho it was burned (there’s no neuropathy) and food can still stick to my teeth but I can taste food and the metallic taste, like I had a mouthful of copper pennies, is gone. I am on triamterene for HBP and simvastatin for cholesterol. I take no other medication. As vitamins have run out, I noticed which ones seemed to be most effective and for me its B12 and magnesium.

I have also been awoken suddenly with the tip of my tongue burning like if you were to touch a burning ember to it. It has happened on several occasions now & have been starting to wonder why, I hope its just the lack of vit b :)

Hi there… I am doing some research for my aunt who has been experiencing BMS now for a year. Can you tell me if your BMS started after any dental work? ie root canal?

I started with burning lips and tongue when I had new crowns put in my mouth along with a root canal. I then had the crowns replaced with a different material since I thought it was allergy to the material. I then had so many various treatments including a bloodtest to see what I am compatible with and now am having very expensive holistic crowns put in. Since I have temps now I don’t feel relief at all and very very sick of feeling this and thinking about it day and night.

For 3 years I have had BMS Direct result of dental work pulling my upper teeth which should never have been done. I now have implants but this started 2 months after teeth were pulled. Scale of 1-10 in pain I am a constant 10. Dentists kept telling me there was nothing wrong. This saliva change was normal and taste change. Never sick a day in my life I ended up going to the mayo clinic and being tested for everything turns out diagnosed with BMS. Been tested for autoimmune diseases allergies to dental materials you name it. BMS I am miserable. Came home saw other Dr’s hoping they were wrong. Had mouth biopsy done everything comes back normal all the time. Every test done. I have no idea how I’m going to live with this pain. I have tried everything. The only relief I get at all is chewing sugarless gum and it doesn’t last long. I’m on zanex and anti depressants which I have never taken pills before. Saw 2 neurologists put me on a number of drugs to see if anything helped lyrica, amtripaline numerous drugs, dosages and milligrams. No help. I have to work I can not believe how my life has been ruined by a dentist. I have no one to blame but myself but I trusted the dentist and foolishly listened. So to answer this question yes 100% happened to me from dental work. I still cannot believe it. A nightmare. I’m reading thru here hoping to find something I haven’t tried to help me. Thanks for reading this and taking the time.

My one also started after having a crown. I was going to have it removed and have a new one which doesn’t cause allergic but after reading your post I don’t know what to do.

I am researching this subject. Did you have allergy testing for specific dental materials such as acrylics, glues and bonding agents?

Hi Jason, I’m just curious how things are for you now? My burning mouth/sore tongue started in early sept this year, I think it was because I took cinnamon from a spoon, didn’t realize it would cause a reaction. I’ve had blood tests, allergy tests, ENT, acupuncture, a herbalist, no avail! I don’t know what to do next, am I after starting off a downward spiral that I cant get out off, I’m desperate.

Hi I have also been suffering with burning tongue syndrome. I won’t get into the whole thing as to when it started and what I was on, but I’ve been to 4 different doctors (dentist, walk-in, general, psychiatrist) no one helps at all. I have FOUND RELIEF (not a complete cure) with Orajel -mouth sore gel. I use it a lot (definitely more then it says to) the first few days and then when I feel the burning coming on. It seems to almost take it away after a few days of repeatedly using. I wish I knew about this the first 9 months I had it and suffered-so I figured I would pass it on. Good Luck!

I got severe mouth ulcers following an extremely stressful week back in July 2014. My doctor started me on antibiotics and referred me to an ENT specialist. He spent 5 minutes with me, diagnosed it as Aphthous Stomatitis (viral-mouth ulcers) and told me to stop the antibiotics to avoid a yeast infection. He said the ulcers would eventually clear up & sent me home. They did but I still got a yeast infection.

As the yeast infection cleared up, my tongue started burning. After 3 weeks enduring my burning tongue, I went to my dentist because I thought my bite guard could be a factor. She said it was probably a B-Complex deficiency & sent me home with a 30 day sample of ACTIVATED B-Complex (I have been taking a standard B-Complex supplement for awhile). It has been just 3 days now & my tongue has quit burning!!! I hope this helps at least some of you.

I’ve had this for at least 3 years. I’m 49 years old. When I was a young woman I had terrible canker sores in my mouth. I was at the end of my rope when I read that Vitamin B complex helped some people. I started taking high-potency B Complex and the sores went away, as soon as I would stop they came back. That lasted for about 3 years before I could taper off the B Complex.
When the BMS came, I figured it may be the B deficiency, so I am on a B Complex and I also take 1000-2000 B12 sublingually. At first, this helped. Now, not so much. I’m going to try the Klonopin. I have had issues with my trigeminal nerve in the past and I wonder if this is some kind of nerve damage. I just hope it goes away.
I feel so sorry for those of you above who seem to have this affect them day in and day out. Mine is relapsing/remitting. I’m also curious if anyone else feels the need to bite their tongue. To me it feels like I have blisters inside of my tongue on the edges of the tongue. In fact, when I do bite the tongue sometimes I get a pop sensation and feeling of relief (like a burn blister) painful but relieving.
My tongue is a mess and I’ve noticed it causes bad breath no matter how often I brush/gargle.

Its awful! I know exactly how you feel. But I have only had it for 3 months. I take Neurontin 300 mg (Gabapentin)+ paracetamol+ibuprofen twice a day. It works for me. Best wishes! You are not alone.

My bms is back on and off. Sensitive toothpaste helps a lot and I think keeps it at bay as long as I also avoid some varieties of potatoes. I try and eat no more than two helpings a week and mash parsnips with a little of the water I boiled it in as a substitute at meals.
I think some face creams and other body lotions I use on my skin are to blame for it too so I use things sparingly whenever I can and avoid them totally if my mouth is sore.
I recently stopped eating all types of crisps because I couldn’t work out which ones made my mouth sore and now eat corn snacks instead if I want some thing savory.
I am not taking any supplements at the moment.

I’ve started a Facebook group called burning mouth syndrome. Please feel free to join!

Have been digasoned with BMS recently. It is so annoying no one seems to understand and knowing what to eat is terrible . The pain is unreal at times.Took this after bad infection in tooth,was on antibocotic and pencillen, then had tooth out.Any help greatly accepted. THANKS..

Susie, the tears flow from my eyes as I read this and live this 24 hours a day….I want to thank you so much for sharing what so many of us are experiencing. In the past I have written several times my frustration for lack of cure…. and continue to do so.
I award you kudos because I thought 8 years was over the tops. I keep telling myself it’s the season, weather, climate, food etc. etc. AND remedies “prescribed” by the good doctors do not help. Unfortunately for all of us, there has not been the “ahaaaa” that has happened yet. BMS is one of so many unknowns….I will not go to another doctor tomorrow!!
I want so hard to keep trying to stay positive but these days have become very challenging to the point of even talking for any length of time.
I want to keep this positive so let’s look at the sun shining each day even when the rain is falling….there is a rainbow out there guys…so please keep in touch and I will continue to try what you recommend and will share my real “ahaaas” of day to day survival.

BMS has been with me since Nov 6, 2005, that is 10 years now and I am totally frustrated. Have seen every doctor in the fields available and all to no avail. I have tried several meds and avoided foods and then reintroduced them and no changes. My last visit with a doctor was Homeopathic and was muscle tested and found I am to refrain from eating Nightshade veggies which include tomatoes, eggplant,white potatoes of all kinds. Also sulfides and corn products and corn additives in processed foods. Sure can make it difficult to prepare meal at times. I have chewed sugar free gum and as long as I am chewing it is ok but does not last.
I first noticed my burning and swollen tongue after a trip to Tucson, AZ. I did not have Valley Fever which is what my thoughts were. I too am at a loss as to what to try next. I have read the testimonials and realize I belong to a large group of suffers from this debilitating problem.

I am researching this subject. Did you have dental work done prior to the onset of your symptoms?

I have had BMS for 7 years now. I wish someone would do a research study. I have been to doctors from A to Z. I had dental implants put in right before the burning I feel like it is nerve damage. I also have MS and take many different medications. I am at a point now that I can not eat anything and I have lost 25 pounds in the last 6 months. I get so sick and tired of the burning it just wears you out. My Neurologist is sending me to a immunologist . I know there is no cure but all I want is some control. I have found that sugar and carbs and hydrogenated oils cause it to flare but it is hard to eat as so many of our food contain these ingredients. Some days are better than others but I want to have every day be a good day.

I woke up after back surgery on October 5, 2002 with horrible burning in my mouth, pain and a rancid taste.
I’ve met with over 20 doctors in 12 years. Dr. Grushka in Toronto, BMS Clinics at Yale University and George Washington University.
The only minor relief I have ever received is from .5 mg of klonopin in the am and before bed.
It doesn’t stop the burning and pain ….it just reduces it by about 10%.
This horror has affected my life drastically.
I’ve tried lipoic acid, high doses of various vitamins, trioches, various mouth rinse compounds that pharmacists have made for me, lyrica, Celebrex etc. etc.
Nothing has worked. BMS has just about ruined my life. It’s hard to enjoy anything when you have horrible pain, burning and horrific taste in your mouth 24 hours a day.
It’s such a shame for all of us who suffer. I pray that I can hold on until one drug company takes on this nightmare for millions of people who suffer everyday. I’m not going to take my life over it… but I would understand why someone would.

I am at my wits end with my BMS. It’s hard to explain to anyone including Drs. I can’t drink soda because it causes a sensation as if I had needles pricking the inside of my mouth. I can’t eat hot or spicey food, it aggravates it. It began about 2 years ago and I have given up on Drs. Went to GP, dentist, endodontist, ENT, neurologist, therapist. Where there to go when they all shrug their shoulders and say they have never heard of BMS?
I read to try gargling with baking soda in water several times a day to neutralize it but it didn’t work for me. The right side of my mouth hurts worse so I hold my mouth crooked nonstop which has also caused pain in my jaw. The neurologist thought it may be trigeminal neuralgia and did an MRI but nothing showed up and he said the only way to find out is to do brain surgery to block the trigeminal nerve. It is an extreme to go to for a guess. I’ve tried biotene, mouthwashes, neurontin, antidepressants, hormones but nothing touches it.
It’s not bad in the mornings but flares up with a vengeance by bedtime. I take Ambien and have read some comments that may be the cause. I have taken the ambien so long I can’t even consider sleep without it. Sometimes I think that everybody thinks its not really that bad. It rules my life at this point!
I’m absolutely desperate and am horrified that this may never go away. It’s a small comfort knowing that there are many out there can understand it but I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I can’t accept that it will never subside or be cured. I’m planning on trying the lipoic acid and pepper rinses. Besides the intense burning my tongue gets very red and everything, no matter what it is, tastes metallic. I will continue reading posts in hopes that a miracle cure is out there.

I am researching this subject. Did you have dental work done prior to the onset of symptoms? Thanks for your input.

About 6 months ago I woke after clenching teeth on the side of my tongue, and that side (only) has had BMS *symptoms* since. My Dad had just died and stress was very high.
At first I blamed the grape seed extract I was taking, stopped it, but still had the pain. Mouth guard did nothing. Then I considered a prozac reduction, but the same level of constant burning sensation remained. Changed toothpastes and rinses to natural products which helped but did not alleviate. I stopped anything with Stevia and that helped actually very much! But it’s still a daily, dull nagging pain that starts in late morning and increases during the day–on one side of my tongue. It seems like my back molars aggravate it but my dentist didn’t feel they were overly sharp at my last appointment. And yes, I did indeed go through menopause…very quickly I might add immediately after my Dad died, and all these symptoms began.
My Dad died from throat cancer so I get overly concerned about any mouth pain, even though I believe this to be stress induced. I see my dentist again tomorrow, who like others, had no ideas as he examined for lesions and all seemed fine at last appt. Will post anything new. Really getting tired of this.

I’d like to renote that taking hema-plex did not work even though it has high levels of iron. Only the Flora-dix worked. It took my bms away but if I forget to take several days in a row it returns. Vitacost has their own brand of this which is what I use. Please also note that normal iron levels do not equal optimal iron levels. BTW iron also took away my RLS (Restless Legs)

I too am so glad to find this site. I have been suffering from BMS for about 5 months now. In addition to the BMS I have had chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia for about 7 years now. I had to quit work about 6 years ago because the CFS and Fibro were so bad, but with the help of my doctors I now take Lyrica and an ATP supplement to help me get through the week.
The BMS came on progressively over the first 3 months and now is 24×7. In June I started tracking my pain levels on a daily basis to see what triggers I might could correlate my pain levels. It is too soon to notice a clear pattern but unfortunately, in June I had only 7 days where the pain dropped below a level 5 and I have only had about 5 days so far in this month. Otherwise, it stays around a 6-7, sometimes getting to even an 8 in the evening.
I’ve noticed that many of you have similar experiences. I also notice that the pain level goes up a notch or two if I do much talking. I have seen my GP, an ENT, my dentist, a pain specialist, tried acupuncture, and I am seeing a therapist for stress and pain management. I fear if I don’t find something to bring the pain down to tolerable level that I am at risk of becoming a recluse.
I am extremely interested in reading of the solutions that all of you had tried. I am doing all the vitamin supplements, take alprazolam instead of clonazepam, and I am starting the process of getting a guard made for my mouth to wear when I am at home.
Also, based on everything that I have read on this site, I am starting to rinse with the hot pepper solution. I have only done it a couple of days and I notice that I get relief for several hours after each rinse, but the pain shoots back as soon as I drink or eat anything.
My question is this: Is that what I can expect, or does it get to be a more continuous relief if I continue using this solution over a long period of time? If so, how long does it usually take? I am very interested in hearing back from any of you. Thanks in advance!

I was recently told that the following is helpful, and it is… temporarily: sprinkle Splenda on your tongue. Phyllis

My dr. and my own research confirms that experiencing a trauma can cause BMS. It may not start…like mine….for a while after the trauma. Also..have you had some habit with teeth, tongue, mouth? My research claims that can cause BMS. I didn’t have such a tic, but now I do and I’m working on breaking the habit. It encourages the burning!
My oral surgeon/physician says it will burn itself out after 6-8 years. Phew!
Meanwhile: fun exercise…yoga and watercise, ice cubes, Popsicles, Biotene spray, anxiety med., deep breathing, a daily ‘elixir’ of a cocktail, and chewing sugar free, fruit flavored gum …. have been my saviors! Phyllis

You sound like me! We lead similar lives, although I have retired from teaching. The BMS came on suddenly. I ran to a million doctors and no one knew a thing… except finally an oral surgeon/physician knew all about it! What a relief to hear a true diagnosis… not life-threatening, and it will eventually ‘burn itself out’!
He asked if I had something difficult occur in my life previous to the onset. YES! That is often the case… a trauma. He told me I must do yoga 3x wk? I listened! The next visit he said I must get into water! So I take a watercise class!
The burning goes on, however. I tried acupuncture and realized it wasn’t really helping. As the dr. said, the condition takes on a life of its own!
For remedies, in order to feel ok and rather normal….I have a daily cocktail, suck ice cubes and Popsicles, chew gum, spritz mouth with Chloraseptic for numbing sore throats, and spray w/ a dry mouth product…a CVS brand like Biotene.
Hang in. We are promised we’ll lose this curse after 6-8 years! Phyllis

It does not go away. I’m going on ten years and was promised no more than seven. Most have had it for over 20 years.

Please … Try ice cubes, Popsicles, chewing gum, Chloroseptic spray for sore throat..exercise that’s yoga and watercise! You will suffer less and eventually, as my doctor promises, it will ‘burn itself out’!

I’ve had BMS for more than four years. It came on suddenly … 9 mos. after a difficult life happening (trauma). The dr. said that such a ‘happening’ triggers the burning and then it has a life of its own! I underwent every test and saw every dr.
An oral surgeon/ physician finally diagnosed the problem. He said I must do yoga and watercise a few times a week. Home addition to the fun exercise…include chewing gum, sucking ice cubes and Popsicles, avoiding cinnamon, use dry-mouth sprays like Biotene, Chloroseptic spray for sore throat, and basic ingredient toothpastes. Also..I enjoy a cocktail every evening that we call my elixir! I no longer enjoy wine…with BMS. It all tastes the same!
The BMS will supposedly ‘burn itself out’ after about 6/8 years. It was debilitating during first few years, because not only does tongue, and/ or lips, throat, gums burn but light-headedness and fatigue accompany a bad episode. Sleep is easy and can take over! The remedies I’ve discovered are life savers for temporary relief!

After reading all the stuff about chap stick and lipstick, I put real coconut oil on my lips and thought I would try it in my mouth. temporary relief

Following up. I have juiced with carrots, celery, garlic, ginger and added fresh oregano leaves. Also using alpah lipoic acid, my bms has gone about 80-90%. I stopped the Lipoic acid and the burning came back, but once I start up again it goes away. I had one elevated liver enzyme since starting, and one attack of gallstones according to my dr. im going to mayo shorlty, I will post again. Using Lypo-Spheric R-ALA-30 packets 250mg. I only use one packet a day, just mixing with a little water.

Dearest Carol, Your dental work might very well be the case. I really don’ know anymore. All I know is that mine developed after no dental work. But rounds of antibiotics and my poor diet of sugar. I has extremely thin and for some reason I began eating again and all I ate was sugar and then – I hate this burning tongue.
Maybe just a coincidence but there it is. I still have it and now I just can’t deal with it so I don’t. I find that it never goes away but if I ignore it I-sometimes it doesn’t bother me as much. Mind over matter – I don’t know what I have but it will not beat me. Keep writing we will find an answer!

I too had all my teeth cleared of amalgons, silver/mercury fillings and had porcelain put in, no change, so the thousands of dollars were ill spent and drove one hundred miles to the dentist that did the work, five trips. I keep thinking of and doing other therapies and nothing changes, can’t seem to let it go so will hang in there and hopefully someone will finally find some relief and pass it on.

Sorry to hear your news, Lisa. There are many, (me included) that have not had any prior dental work before this gala syndrome settled into my life/my mouth. I have had BMS for over 8 years. I was trying to stay positive but it can be very difficult (just turned 60/believe it or not a happy and uplifting spirited 60).
Never did I expect this to remain with me for so long. I agree stress can increase the symptoms to some very severe levels. It has affected my life in so many ways. I have tried most if not all the “special” suggestions on this website. Just last week I was told by a doctor that she never heard of this syndrome and did not want to take me as a patient. (A person that specializes in auto-immune issues).
Easy to say “stay positive” when over and over again I get no where. Very saddening. I have been waiting and planning on relief from this and always said to myself this will not overcome.
Unfortunately the past year has been my worse ever. Never thought it could run through the nite-24 hours a day…but here I am. On vacation, enjoying a sunny day, bike ride, going to work….makes no difference…it’s always there no matter how hard I try to get “my mind off the pain.”
Not sure what next steps are that are left…I continue to hold hope. Still reading the entries on this site but very disheartened at what I read.
I wish everyone well especially those who have been in this for the long run….is this forever?

Lisa, I had the bridge work as opposed to the implant and I have severe BMS now. So I’m thinking it’s related to dental work but not necessarily to implant. My lips are always tingling and sometimes swollen and I constantly lick them to moisten them. My bridgework is in the front of my mouth, so I can’t help but make the connection. No relief after 16 mos. God bless us all and give us some help soon.

Did you have allergy testing for possible allergy to dental acrylics, glues or bonding agents? I am researching this and would love your input.

I have read some desperate sounding comments and I can tell you I am right there with you. I had dental crowns and root canals, tooth extraction and I am certain my BMS is due to this dental work. I have been to many doctors and specialists and tried many things suggested on here and have rec’d no relief. I am desperate for some answers. Thanks

Hi, have you gotten a solution to your problem? Kindly update as I am experiencing the same symptoms.

Thank you Dilly – My thoughts exactly. It’s gonna be mind over matter with a couple of little things that work. But I will be taking a page out of your book on this.

Dilly – BMS I found is caused by a trigeminal small-fiber sensory neuropathy or neuralgia. It is the nerves along the tongue that are connected in the mouth. There are websites for it if you google it. So far not many doctors or dentists know of this condition but it is now being studied and hopefully there will be some treatments that work in the near future. I would stay off the prescription meds, it is not a mental condition but of course you may be depressed because of this, but don’t take meds for depression. Causes other than trigeminal SFN maybe pH imbalance, Low or deficiency in vit B12 – take it sublingual use only methylcobalamine form in high doses, Low Vit D3, Low magnesium, too many antiacids, or allergies or reactions to foods, food flavorings, especially cinnamon,mint,or other food additives, fragrances, dyes, mercury etc.. Eat as natural healthy as you can – no added sugar only sugar from natural fruits etc., no alcohol, coffee, chocolate for awhile etc. No hot sauce, that doesn’t work or it will not cure this. Chew sugarless gum, with xylitol to keep saliva going. I am trying to sort out some vit/supplements to take but it will be different for others. I will post what works for me at a later date. Hang in there.

I am pleased to read your comment. I m researching this subject. It has been pushed away too often by doctors and dentists. So many people are suffering. I am doing research. There is a difference between BMS and an allergic reaction to dental materials. I hope to gain more insight by gathering information from others.

I am from the UK and have been following this forum since I discovered I had BMS exactly 1 year ago. A year on I am contributing for the first time to give my take on living with BMS. After blood tests, referral to consultant and loads of research, during the last year I have tried most of the ideas mentioned here, ie baking powder, alpha lipoic acid (normal dose), Biotene products, bonjela, gum shields at night, mouth ulcer pastilles, Tabasco sauce, gum, meditation.
For the past couple of months although my pain and discomfort is not much different realistically, I am trying not to let it get to me so much and life is definitely better. I though Tabsco sauce, slightly diluted, in a small bottle was the best thing for a while, I don’t use it any more as although it takes the pain away for nearly exactly 1 hour, it comes back worse after a few days of use and does not give long term help to me.
I think stress and tension is the main trigger, but after the nerves start sending the wrong signals to the brain I don’t know how to reverse this, even when I am not stressed or tense.
One of the most unhelpful professional comments (from the consultant – although very sympathetically made – was “it is all in my head”). The most helpful comment from my lovely dentist was to keep my mouth filled with saliva, this small thing really helps.
So what I do now is avoid everything except a tiny amount of gum (one piece of Wrigleys Ice divided into 3). This is enough to soothe, without obvious chewing which I hate. Also, let the mouth to fill with saliva and try to keep the jaw relaxed all the time. This gets me through the day. Also helpful are a handful of salted almonds (very good for you) and not too fattening.
Instead of feeling miserable as I did to start with, and moaning. I try not to mention it to my loved ones any more – it just makes them feel bad for me. Accept that I will probably always have this, and think if it’s the worst thing that happens to me ……..
Living in hope that it might just go away. If your BMS goes away please let us know, and does anyone know any other forums?

JJ – what are the certain ingredients in the toothpaste and mouthwash that you are talking about?

Referring to the thyroid. I had thyroid cancer in 04, was treated with radioactive iodine after the removal of my thyroid. I started having a metallic taste in my mouth in 2010 and I went into full blown burning tongue in 2012.
I’ve tried it all, even bought borax dots at Publix to suck on 3 times a day along with many other non medical and medical trials of things. Finally, I ask my Endocrinologist to change my synthroid to see if this could possibly be causing the tongue problem. It’s been 10 years since the cancer and he was still hesitant but truly, I would rather take a risk of fighting cancer than living with this burning tongue.
My meds were changed about a month ago and I have found I am having about 85% relief, at least livable now. My advice would be, be persistent with your doctors about your thyroid. The levels used in the USA are tight, if we were overseas the norm levels are vastly different and we could find more problems if we would step outside of what the USA think are normal ranges are.
I had no idea I had thyroid cancer, I was exhausted, which kept getting blamed on depression (I’m female, and depression is always the answer for females) but I went to have my shoulder operated on and a tumor was found. My blood work levels of range were NEVER out of range on any blood work. Do not allow yourself to be suffering with a thyroid condition just because the docs say “its in normal range. Be persistent. The writer above mentioned that having thyroid problems prevent being able to absorb B12. That is correct, and it also prevents be allowed to absorb other nutrients and vitamins from food or supplements. If the thyroid is not participating correctly then you will not absorb supplements either.
I am hoping that for me, the answer has been all along my synthroid being too low but I am also hoping that all of you can find the right answer. This tongue situation has been and is the most debilitating thing I’ve ever lived with as most of you know. But don’t give up! One day there will be a definitive answer for all of us. Blessings to all.

I think a low level of B12 can cause this. Even normal labs can be deceitful. You want optimum levels. So you want your b12 to be at the high end of range. You also want to take the right form of B12 (methylcobalamin) I see many posting have thyroid problems which hinder absorbtion in many patients.

Try this method and see if it works use cotton ball and split into 2 parts, damp with water and press it flat and put it over to left side tooth and replace cotton after 2-3 hours and see if that helps.

BMS started august 2013. non stop burning on the tip of my tongue then to the roof of my mouth. Now that I think about it I may have had this even earlier as I would go to the dentist for a cleaning and she would ask if I was burning my mouth as it looked like it.
I would just respond that it may have been spicy foods, now I know it was not. I have been to dermatologist, oral surgeon, family MD and cancer specialist, and everyone says you just have to live with it.
I am not giving up. I now juice a lot with carrots, greens, garlic, oregano and green apples. I drink alcohol sometimes to relieve the pain and the constant thought about my mouth. I can tell the alcohol makes it worse so I am stopping. I am also stopping coffee. i just went two weeks with very little pain, I would almost say it stopped for a bit, although it is back today.
I am a 47 year old male, in good shape. I wish you all the best and you are in my thoughts.
When my BMS first started I was using cinnamon mouth wash, I have since stopped. I have had a few heartburn attacks which I have never had before.

BMS started august 2013. Non stop burning on the tip of my tongue then to the roof of my mouth. Now that I think about it I may have had this even earlier as I would go to the dentist for a cleaning and she would ask if I burning my mouth as it looked like it. I would just respond that it may have been spicy foods, now I know is was not.
I have been to dermatologist, oral surgeon, family MD and cancer specialist, and everyone says you just have to live with it. I am not giving up. I now juice a lot with carrots, greens, garlic, oregano and green apples. I drink alcohol sometimes to relieve the pain and the constant thought about my mouth. I can tell the alcohol makes it worse so I am stpoping. I am also stopping coffee.
I just went two weeks with very little pain, I would almost say it stopped for a bit, although it is back today. I am a 47 year old male, in good shape. I wish you all the best and you are in my thoughts. Comment back to me if you would like to discuss this.
When my BMS first started I was using cinnamon mouth wash, I have since stopped. I have had a few heartburn attacks which I have never had before.

Hi, I just found this site about BMS and liked what you had to say. I am coming on them 2 yrs having BMS. I believe I contracted the problem several months prior with being very angry at my husband of 25 years and some feeling depressed.
On 4th of July my bottom lip broke out with a cold sore. I didn’t even feel he signs of the cold sore coming. Well it was to late and the sore broke and was able to see my MD the following day to get medication. After taking the medication for my cold sore 7 days, I’ve noticed my lips were burning and sore. I was thinking I’m was getting another cold sore and went on another 7 days of medication. Well that did not work and ended up at my Dermatogist office and tried so many creams for several months and then finally did a biospy of my lip and found it was active with no infection.
So stupid to say it’s active, okay but why. My dermatologist found an article written back 1999 by Yale University. The most we got out of the article was that Klonopin was symptom reliever. Well today I’m still taking 1/2 of .25 mg tablet Klonopin 3 times a day for almost 2 years. In the beginning the symptoms would be lessened, but never gone. I changed my eating habit and cut back on coffee. Still looking to find better results of relief.
I have the metatlic taste in my mouth as well as very dry mouth. I use Biotene Mouth toothpaste and mouthwash. No matter what I do, I still burn daily and very rarely do I have a mild burning feeling. I feel like my lips are always swollen like I was injected with filler to plump my lips.
Can you let me know if you have come up with a resolutions of your BMS yet? I also feel I am pre-menopausal and more hormal for me seeing I do not have any medical issue other than a L5-S1 Disk issues.

I began taking methadone about 2 years ago to go off drugs. Since then I’m almost always suffering with painful red rawness under my lips then moves to the top, same goes with my bottom lip. Along with sores that make it hard to open my mouth but are sometimes not right in the corners but outward. Can anybody tell me if drinking the methadone from a small bottle could be what’s causing this problem?

I’m glad I’m not alone.
31 year old female. I’ve been dealing with BMS for about a year. It started as simply intense dry mouth, but worsened into full on burning. Oh my, I am so sad and frustrated.
I’m gluten free, soy free, and a vegatrain. I rarely drink and I don’t eat many sweets. Most of my produce is organic. I don’t take any medications. I am type 2 diabetic but control it with diet.
I recently removed caffienne from my diet.
I’m currently rinsing with (and sometimes drinking) baking soda and taking 300mg of ALA twice a day.
I had seen some positive progress but then went away for the weekend and ignored the baking soda, then took my ALA waaaaaaaaaaay too late. I’m still trying to bounce back.
Good luck everyone.

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I would also like to add that as embarrassing as it is, I did take the weight loss drug Alli (sorry I am admittedly OCD and a little vain) about a week right before this all started. I wanted to shed a couple of pounds from the holidays I still had. I did not take the daily multivitamin that they recommended while using it. I also was under severe stress/sadness around this time as well.
I really don’t believe though that severe stress and anxiety could have caused this, but I have heard it mentioned as a possible cause so I wanted to list it. We had a horrible winter this year in Michigan to boot. Lots of sickness was going around. I did catch a mild flu or sinus infection around this time as well. Take care everyone.

Hello everyone. I am very grateful to have found this site. Is there anyone here in Michigan? I have only suffered from BMS for just over 3 months but its been the worst 3 months of my life. I am a 39 year old, according to doctors very healthy guy. All of my blood work is outstanding. It appears I am not deficient in anything. I have had tests for stds, h pylori, mono, along with my thyroid. I have tried the good alpha a lipoic stabilized supplement with no real results. I went to a holistic doctor who had me buy a ton of supplements, mainly vitamin B but nothing changed. I even tried acupuncture. My BMS comes and goes and it doesn’t seem to matter what I am taking.
I don’t have dry mouth at all or bad breath or anything like that. It moves around my mouth, mainly the roof of my mouth or middle or tip of tongue. It’s less severe than at the beginning. It’s more of a cool burn now than before. I feel like it may even effect my sinuses, throat and nose with a similar feeling. I believe that alcohol (next couple of days after drinking) and stress/fatigue definitely make it worse. I can’t really figure out any particular foods yet.
I am super depressed about it and pretty scared. My Doctor wants me to try prescription prilosec and prescription allergy pills for a month to see what happens. I have never had allergies or heart burn. She wants me to see my Dentist but I don’t see how he could help me. My tongue/mouth looks normal as far as I can tell.
I do notice that I seem to have a more pronounced crack in my tongue when its really bothering me. Interestingly enough, my Mom came down with a chest cold about a month ago and started having the same BMS symptoms as I. Her tongue was very irritated and cracked. Chewing sugar free peppermint gum is the best remedy but I find it annoying always having to chew. My next steps are to see an ENT/allergist I guess. I really hope I find something as this condition really has taken the wind out of my sails so to speak. I am really depressed about it. It does feel a whole lot better knowing I am not alone though. Cheers everyone. Jason

Thanks bcscho,
I am with you. I find that it hasn’t gone away – sometimes i can control how bad it is with diet, like I have written, but then for some reason when I am doing everything “right” (no sugar, etc.) it flares up again.
I do find that not trying to fight it all the time really does help. Stress totally makes it worse. And I use Hals sugar free losenges when I can’t stand it and it really manages the symptoms.
Greatful for this site – I really think I would have gone nuts if I didn’t know that others have the same thing. However I wish that none of us did. Until then I will keep reporting what I find.
Best to all of you!

Lisa – In a couple of worst cases of a flareup I have had tiny blisters on the tip of my tongue, inside my lips, cracks in the sides of my mouth like cold sores, which I have never had before, tiny blisters above my upper lip line tenderness and extreme burning and red inside my mouth with this little buggers. It was horrible, but I was going through a very stressful time in my life. They went away when I changed my diet and calmed down the natural way, no drugs! NO sugar or sweeteners except plant (stevia). Hope that helps.

First I would like to address Maurice – How do you know its neurological? and how do you think this relates to most as everyone’s physiology and chemistry which is different? In my opinion, I believe it may be a gut or fungus thing. Also, does anyone that has BMS start out with a “Dry Mouth” condition? That’s how mine started. I grind my teeth in my sleep which causes dry mouth in the long run, and then a long time ago did some coconut oil pulling as they said it helps with teeth grinding and other things, which was the WRONG thing to do as that made my dry mouth worse. The dissolving effect seems too aggressive for people with reduced salivary proteins – usually women with a dry or acidic mouth, may experience more sensitivity. Check it out on – Oil pulling. It’s not necessary to do that. Some websites say it takes away the bacteria and cleans teeth but someone with this condition shouldn’t do it & especially use teeth whiteners either. I also tend to think we need the “friendly” bacteria in our mouth and body.
Getting back to BMS I control mine with diet mostly, eating as healthy as I can, use probiotics and I know when I eat right it is not so severe. Plus keep your stress levels down. I take no prescription drugs as I believe they are toxic. Unless you are dying or in extreme pain. There is a lot of aluminum in drugs not to mention other bad things you shouldn’t even put in your body. Try to do your homework on herbs and the like to see if the natural way is better for you. Do not mix drugs with herbs either. Also I would like to ask if any of you have seen any nutritionalist or other alternative medicine drs? and what they are saying if any. That will be my next step in researching alternative medicine experts.

I tried vinegar and baking soda rinse for over two weeks and it seemed to help a bit. But I was told it would cure it and that’s not true for me. So I’m going to try the capcasin lozenges next.
I’ve had bms for four years now and though I take gabapentin and it may help a bit, the thing that works best for me is chewing gum the minute it starts and keep on chewing until it stops. Then start again with the gum if I feel it starting again. I even sleep with gum in my mouth so if I wake up, I can just moisten my mouth without getting up. I’m so tired of chewing. I wonder if I’m going to develop problems with my jaw.
This site has been really supportive for me. I’ve tried lots of suggestions and had limited success with most of them. I’m focusing on being patient with this syndrome, trying new things, and believing that it will go away on its own someday.

It’s been 10 months since my BMS started. For the most part, I try and ignore the symptoms or use trident orange to keep my tongue moist which gives me relief. I’ve tried a completely carb/sugar free diet with no change…well perhaps some slightly worse days. I tried Protonix for my reflux which gave me severe night sweats and didn’t do a thing for my BMS… needless to say I decided that flooding my bed wasn’t worth it. For me, I notice that on days when my anxiety/stress levels are higher, my BMS is worse.
I’ve come to realize that this may never go away and I have to put it in the background by using the gum or chewing on ice and sometimes using milk of magnesia or antacid swishes. I try and scrape my tongue twice a day to jolt the nerves and keep it clean. And for the most part, I’m able to live without it overpowering my life.
I keep up with the posts in hopes of other things that will provide relief even if it’s only temporary. But I sure appreciate the posts & knowing I’m not alone or crazy!!

are you the right erin did the capcusin lozenges work??

I am currently 62, post menopausal and have had BMS for about a month now. I have had my gall bladder removed but that was over 12 years ago. I am still looking and hoping to find something that will make this condition go away.

Not sure that drinking combination of baking soda and vinegar would be good. Might cause stomach problem or indigestion… let me know if you tried it. I would be leery but who knows. I am all for relieving the horrible symptoms of this disorder, just wish we could find the cause. I know taking all the meds I take is not good. Am thinking maybe the sensory nerve to my tongue is damaged or something… has anyone been to a neurologist for this? Is so, what did she/he say? Maybe it’s a structural problem, not related to meds, hormones, stress. When I push on tongue with my finer, the pressure almost stops the pain. But I can’t go around with my finger stuck on my tongue! Try applying pressure and let me know if it helps.

We won’t be seeing much in terms of research for BMS because it’s neurological and the Big Pharma have all but abandoned research in this area. Part of this is due to the fact research is done on animals. So that means you need animals suffering from burning mouth and how would we even know that a mouse or rat have it even if they could get it. Plus, what works to treat mice and rats for nerve diseases that do mimic human disease often does NOT work in humans. They spend billions and end up with drugs that don’t make it through clinical trials and this happens a LOT. Anther part of the reason for these failures is not recognizing that body chemistry varies from person to person, yet the trials are generalized to mask this, though this idea is finally dawning on them (eg., pharmacogenomics).
On top of that, there are other problems. Big Pharma (and the FDA) are still caught up in idea of magic pills, that a single compound will completely solve a given disease. Only rarely do they pursue multi-compound drugs, which are really needed for many conditions.
On top of all this, the research budget in the US is stalled due to the sequester and lack of Congressional action.
Doctors would love to have a better understanding and better treatments but the research infrastructure is making it increasingly difficult. Probably the one exception is cancer research.
The only suggestion I have is to pester your congressperson, the NIH, and the FDA.

thank you I really appreciate you writing that I agree with you 100 percent. I will see what I can do to get some information together but I agree with you we’re all in this together.

I just want to say – seems like we are all in this together so why not print out some of these blog posts and take then to your doctors to read? to show them that this is real and they need to get started on finding what is wrong here even if there are many symptoms and reasons why this is affecting so many! Perhaps we can post some of these to other Medical websites too. There must be a way to get medical professionals more involved in this. A few years ago they shook their heads at a disease – Fibromyalgia and Polymyalgia saying “Oh its not real its in your head” to many of my friends and others and now it is a real disease being treated. Everyone with this BMS is not making it up! It is real and It is a shame that perhaps there is no real money making reasons or profits for big pharmaceutical companies to want to even bother. If any Medical Doctors/dentist had this you better bet “THEY” would be doing research or finding out what causes it! It would be a great clinical trial as there would be so many volunteers for this research! We need to get the word out somehow on other sites! If anyone has ideas we should do something! Well thanks for listening – good luck to all.

I have started trying the vinegar and baking soda. I am just swishing it for 30 seconds or so. Looking around, I couldn’t find any specific directions as to whether I was supposed to swish it or swallow it. Anybody know?

Hi Joan,
I tried not taking anything the following day to see if the klonopin that dissolves on tongue would be all I need w/out the gabapeten, but by late morning the following day the bms started (tingling sensations) in mouth. I had to take the nerve blocker to lessen the symptoms. I am thinking of using the capcasin lozenges to give them a try during the day and stop the gabapeten. Honestly, the klonopin that melts w/ gabapeten has helped me better, but I still have symptoms.

I took the dissolvable klonopin at night and the next day I didn’t take anything to see if I would be ok, but late morning the following day I was starting to feel symptoms of bms (tingling sensation) and I had to take the gabapenten to lessen the symptoms. I noticed I am a bit better since using the klonopin that melts on your tongue w/gabapenten, but not symptom free. I did stop all the other supplements since they weren’t helping any, but, I am considering using the capcasin logenzes to see if the bms goes away for awhile.

Hi Erin, I will be happy to try anything. Once I get my prescription and try it out I will let you know and everyone else know.

Hi everyone. You will have noticed that I have posted on this site a few times. Like all others that have suffered with BMS for quite some time (6 years for me), I kept trying to figure out the cause, of course to no avail. I do know that stress and not getting enough sleep does aggravate the condition.
For those that have never tried the capcasin lozenges I would really encourage you to try them. I had a few left from 2008 in my fridge and decided to try them again. When I used them the last time it was 3 times per day for about 3 weeks to a month. My BMS completely disappeared for quite some time. I only have about 30 lozenges left so I took 2 each day for 14 days. Sure enough, my BMS disappeared for a few days and I felt GREAT. I am very sure that the key in making this disappear for at least a period of time is to desensitize the tongue nerves. I just had my doctor write me another prescription for another 120 lozenges with one refill.
I will get these in the next couple of days and will take 3 times per day for 21 days. I will then stop and let you know the results and I plan to keep better track than I did last time so I can share with you. The lozenges are 0.025% capcasin and 5% lidocain. They are really gross when you first put in your mouth, but if you can endure the first minute then the lidocain numbs the tongue so it isn’t so bad.
I guess what I’m saying is trying to figure out the cause is very stressful in itself and results in thinking too much about BMS. Therefore I am focusing on doing what helps me the most in managing this condition. I will provide an update in a couple of weeks. If there were a few other people that would be willing to try the lozenges it would be interesting to see if the BMS is put into “remission” for several people or do they just work for me?

I think that I know what has been causing my BMS. For me I believe it was a combination of GERD, and stress. I’m starting to get control of my GERD through diet and medication. I work away from home for long periods of time, and it seems that every time I return home, it goes away. I thought it was because of a tooth implant, but I went to the dentist and he’s never heard of it, and said that he’s 99.98 percent sure it has nothing to do with my implant.
Also, the doctor said that I may have a hypersensitive esophagus, which makes sense, due to the GERD, and stress.
It’s funny how NO one I’ve talked to have never heard of BMS!
Well I’ll keep ya all posted on my prognosis. I leave again in about 3 weeks. If it returns while I’m gone. I believe I may have it narrowed down to stress.

I’ll take your advice and stop using the gabepentin and the other vitamins and see what happens. I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

I take just dissolvable klonopine alone for bms and it has worked. but I have a mild case. also take vit D as my D is low. nothing else. maybe some of the other stuff you ARE taking is contributing to it. why not go off your whole list of stuff except for the klonopine and see what happens.

I called my doctor last week and asked if she could prescribe me the oral klonopin which dissolves on the tongue… I was taking the pill .50 mil and I noticed it wasn’t working as well as before so I thought since some people use the oral one and it goes right on the tongue and melts that it might be better… well, I’ve been on it and I take .50 mil @ night before going to bed and it helps my bms, but I also take 2 gabapentin 100 milligrams each daily w/multi-vit, B-complex w/zinc, probiotic, allegra, calcium and my bms is still there, but I can tolerate it and I feel that the oral klonopin helps me better.
I’ve tried sooo many other vitamins and they don’t help at all. At times I take 600 mil of ALA, but after using it for awhile it doesn’t help as well as when I started on it. I’m at the point that I have to wrap my head around this that it is going to be w/me and try to deal w/it the best way that I can. I’m in menopause and due to hormones the bms started up again in Dec “2013” when I was bms free for 8 great years.. menopause hits and bms starts up.

Thank you Diane and gw. I can’t write anymore than I already have. just wondering if rounds of antibiotic cause a flip in flora that starts this tongue burning thing. DO have my suspicion hat it has nothing to do with the tongue – n=more like the imbalance in the intestine and the result is a burning sensation in the tongue. I am ignored by all doctors too. I feel for all of you – very hard to live with – but you are all not alone.
Thank you,

Do you rub the cream on your tongue???

YES to Diane about the cold! Have wondered if that was the trigger. My husband and I went on vacation as a ‘treat’ following a very stressful year oct, 2013. We both got upper resp infections; I went to ER twice for an associated excruciating eye infection that would not heal and the bms stated up during that whole process.
VACATIONS ARE DANGEROUS! Seriously, unless you’ve had bms, understanding how horrible it is for us all is about impossible. I have noticed some similarities between the women… postmenopause, anxiety; insomnia for menopause and associated anxiety symptoms; ambien for insomnia; tongue burning as possible result of all the above?? All I know is it MAKES ME CRAZY and then just plain mad when Drs shrug it off.
Cool salt water rinses help… but swish with water after and spit or the salt will raise your bp, brush with baking soda but, again, beware of the salt. The only real reliefs I ever get are from HALLS SUGAR-FREE HONEY LEMON COUGH DROPS and acupuncture. THEY DO NOT PUT NEEDLES IN YOUR TONGUE. It is a surprisingly calming procedure.
All other Drs, dentists, specialists have run tests-including a tongue biopsy… now that was fun-, stabbed at the dark, and gave me many Rx lozenges, rinses, meds and finally admitted defeat. Knowing I’m not alone makes me feel better, although I would never wish this on anyone. I try to be thankful and thank God I have a tongue that helps me eat and speak rather than feel sorry for myself but I hope somebody somewhere in the med field has an ‘ah ha’ moment and figures this out SOON. What a great day that will be. God bless us all.

My burning tongue started in July of this year. My tongue was white, it worsened as the day went on, and I had a hard time speaking or closing my mouth to sleep. And it’s worse when my core temperature goes up with exercise, a hot bath, or even a hot flash. I saw an ENT who said this can be a chronic condition but saw signs of gastroesophageal reflux and started me on an acid blocker along with a strict diet. I’m also post-menopausal, had a very dry mouth from a blood pressure med change, and considerable stress going on. All potentially contributing factors.
I followed the diet for a month and a half and didn’t have much improvement. Chewing Trident orange gum seemed to be my best source of relief with the least amount of mint (mint aggravates GERD).
The white coating is common with burning tongue syndrome but is not yeast. At times I’ve even had blisters and sometimes my lips even burn.
I had my follow-up visit last week and he told me he had nothing more to offer than going back on the acid blocking med since my esophagus was still red from acid reflux. Only this time he did an am and a pm dose. I actually have had improvement in a week. It may never be perfect, but I’m learning to live with it and the gum is my lifesaver. As long as I can keep my mouth moist, the pain is less.
I’ve tried Magnesium, Zinc, and a feet/nerve supplement. And I drink a glass of water with a TBSP of organic vinegar which is a base…not an acid. Perhaps over time it will go away. But if not, at least I have some things that keep it from being an overwhelming focus in my life.
I also use a tongue scraper just to purposefully irritate the nerves. A physician told me that if you aggravate sensitive nerves, they become less sensitive. So if you see someone driving down the street, sticking out their tongue in different directions, smile and know they may be trying to desensitize their nerves and who knows… it may be me!

To Lisa, I literally feel your pain. but I wanted to mention, be careful about taking too much Vitamin D if you are taking that. My BMS started after accidentally taking too much prescription Vit. D2. “We”, meaning the general public, may take all kids of vitamins but if our gut is out of whack, it may not be able to absorb what you are putting in it. “Leaky gut syndrome”. I wish you and everyone the best and yes, if anyone figures this thing out, blast the news to the world!

I think that it’s fungus in my intestines also. Do you wake up in the morning with a white tongue? I’m going to do a 4-7 day juice fast, and eat clean, after the fast, to see if this works. I think that BMS is linked to sugar, and wheat. Of course this is a guess, but I’m prepared to do anything to get rid of this BMS.
Any, doctor that says it doesn’t exist is nuts! Look at all of us, and I know I’m not. I’m going to bio-hack my body, and figure this out. It’s not due to vitamin deficiency because I take a boat load of vitamins.
I have heart burn also, but it came on around the same time, so who knows, may be it’s linked to that also. However, I take nexium and it does nothing.
It’s to the point now, I’m thinking about having the dentist remove this $10,000 tooth implant, I had put in. Just to see if it’s the tooth. Man I wish I just had them grind the two good teeth down and put a bridge in. At least then I could rule out dental work.
About the only thing I’ve ruled out is menopause.
Good luck all, and if anyone cracks the riddle, let us all know ASAP!

Hi NOC77,
I have had a burning mouth for a year and a half and before that a series of sore and dry throat. I feel that my burning mouth began after a round of antibiotics. and it flipped my flora. and I can’t seem to flip if back. BUT until I can find out how to correct this I have found something that has helped. Massive probiotics. like 400 billion powder and I don’t eat sugar (or fruit or anything high in carbs). If I do this for about four days the burning goes down to almost nothing (until late at night) and I usually go to bed before the pain starts. I know Diflucan can work (for me at least-I can only speak for myself) but I can’t get any doctor to prescribe it for me because they don’t believe this condition exists.
Again – I don’t know for anyone else but I think it is some sort of fungal infection in my intestines and it is very hard to diagnose because we have fungus in our intestines normally. I felt crazy too and I am grateful to find a place at least where I can relate to others who have this condition. I just can’t believe there is nothing out there for this condition.

Hi Chantel, you asked them to do a tsh test? what dosage did they give you? dosage of what?

Hello ALL I’ve had DRY MOUTH on and off for last 2 years. I had it many years ago for a season.
BUT lately it has gotten worse and now it feels like if I burned my whole tongue. It has been a month with this sensation and I feel so frustrated! I have trouble SPEAKING, I spit alot when I speak.
I went to doctor, he said that he does NOT see any sign of FUNGUS which I thought I had. I have been taking probiotics for weeks but do not see significant results. I will continue taking though.
I have NOT gotten diagnosed but of course it feels like my whole tongue and palette got burned drinking something HOT.
Today I bought Milk of Magnesia to Rinse with it. I bought Biotine mouth wash, toothpaste, and spray which I will start using. I also started juicing a few days ago.
I do know that I’ve had more stress at work with way more responsibilities but I would have to totally change carriers to stop working.
I’ve been feeling like the only one in the world with this. I’ve felt dumb doing to doctors and seen it like a waste of time.
I’ve done BLOOD tests and everything is fine! I’ve gotten MRI CT Scan of brain and neck and everything is fine.
I believe with all my all this is temporary, it has a beginning and end. I know God will heal me!! But it feels good talking about it.

I have been suffering from what I believe is BMS since November 2013. It isn’t nearly as long as many of you, I’m so sorry to hear of all of your discomfort. I haven’t read everyone’s comments, but I was wondering if anyone has had these symptoms along with acid or bile reflux.
I’ve been seen by my gastroenterologist, dentist, and general doctor and they all believe it is related to my reflux which I had surgery for almost 3 years ago. I was also diagnosed low in Vitamin B a couple of months before this started. I am praying for an answer.

Alan, I believe that my BMS is related to dental work, possibly nerve damage or intolerance of dental materials. I also get relief from chewing gum and eating, I also suck on sugar-free peppermint candy all day. On another note, I posted before that I was trying Alpha Lipoic acid, and I have been taking 1200 mg. since November, I have noticed no change at all. Not sure what to try next.

Alan, what you have is most likely not the same as what many postmenopausal women have. That is probably a specific disease. I am male and while there are similarities between what I have and BMS, the underlying pathology is probably different.
I wonder in your case whether you got an infection during the implant procedure and the pathogen infected a nerve. However, it’s interesting that chewing gum switches off your symptoms.

I just heard a young lady on the radio say she had BMS with blister type sores on her lips and inside mouth, after spending a lot of time and money with her doctor she found out she was allergic to the gum she was chewing. She stopped the gum and the issue was resolved. I believe this issue of BMS is a symptom of a number of things so keep looking for YOUR answer. Our body reacts to things adversely as a red flag, but everyone is different. Good luck!

I’ve read the list of comments and one thing is different with me compared to you all. I’m a male, and as far as I can tell you’re all women. So, what’s up with that! I’ve had BMS for a year now, and I’m clueless. I’ve had a colonoscopy, endoscopy, and seen dentists also. I’m 44 yrs old, and I’m on high BP meds, high cholesterol meds, and an occasional xanax. All low doses.
Chewing gum or eating will mask the symptoms, but not for long. This is driving me nuts. I’ve read, this happens mostly with women during menopause, but not so much in a middle aged male. I also take a boat load of vitamins, supplements, and minerals. NOTHING WORKS!
So, are there any males out there with this? Because i would really like to get rid of this. I did have oral surgery, an implant, put in about 4-5 months before symptoms started. Any suggestions??

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