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Coffee as an Herbal Remedy and a Special Treat

Imagine using coffee as an herbal remedy to get a precise dose of organic herbs as part of a delicious morning ritual.
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Have you considered coffee as an herbal remedy? Does that get your attention? Or do you need your morning coffee first?

You may not think of coffee as an herbal remedy, but we’d like to suggest that you should. Not only is coffee a wonderful wake-me-up, it also has multiple health benefits. Even better, our friend Tieraona Low Dog, MD, has taken her enormous knowledge of herbal and traditional medicine and created Wildcrafter Botanicals. This company is designed to infuse herbs into everyday rituals, including your morning cup of coffee.

Wildcrafter Botanicals Coffee as an Herbal Remedy:

Wildcrafter Botanicals uses only coffee that is organically grown and Fair Trade Certified. Now, Wildcrafters Botanicals is offering four versions of herb-infused coffee: Focus, Energy, Calm and Defend. Which benefit will you reach for? They contain well-known herbs such as chamomile, passionflower and elderberry, as well as others that may be somewhat less familiar, such as ashwagandha, rhodiola and reishi mushroom.

Each certified organic blend has been carefully crafted, combining traditional wisdom and modern science. It comes in a convenient, recyclable K-cup, which allows the company to control precisely how much of the herbs are included in each cup. Moreover, you know precisely how much of the herbs you are getting and can truly use coffee as an herbal remedy.

Wildcrafter Botanicals tests every batch of herbs to guarantee that each K-cup contains exactly the herbs you expect, at the correct dose, and free from heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides. You can feel good about every sip of delicious coffee.

A Special Offer:

What’s more, Wildcrafter Botanicals has a special introductory offer for the People’s Pharmacy community. You can get 25% off your first order, or just for the holidays, buy two boxes and get 75% off. Use the promo code COFFEE75 and turn your morning cup into a healthy ritual. Visit Wildcrafter Botanicals to learn more and place your order:

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I would add that few recycling centers will accept K-cups, so most of them end up as waste.

Using K-cups creates coffee from hot water which has been run through plastic, adding those chemicals to your cup.

Anyone buying organic to avoid toxins should also avoid heating plastic with their food. The recyclable cups used by Wildcrafter are simply another type of plastic.

To avoid toxins with coffee, get a completely stainless steel percolator. Most coffee makers have internal plastic parts, so you have to be sure it’s totally stainless steel. Or at the very least buy a stainless reusable K-cup instead of the pre-filled ones for your organic coffee.

Coffee has a giant following. A coffee that has healthy herbs sounds good. Healthy in the new year 2020.

What about the ‘coffee interferes with supplement uptakes’ ?

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